ULACNet Initiative to Enhance Community Dialogue (UNITED)

The goals of UNITED are to build a shared trust between researchers and the community, to ensure that research outcomes and benefits are disseminated to the community, to enhance the research quality, and to share with ULACNet members knowledge and lessons learned on effective strategies for enhancing recruitment and community engagement.


  • HIV AIDS Network Coordination (HANC)
    The Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC) works with the HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) with the intent of creating a more integrated, collaborative and flexible research structure. 
  • NIAID DAIDS Learning Portal
    DAIDS offers a wealth of HIV research training from the courses below that are required for sites to a wide variety on clinical, lab, and pharmacy topics. The resources section of their website hosts a variety of materials, links, and other helpful guides on topics such as clinical events, protocol registration, and quality management.

UNITED Community Engagement Sessions Videos

A password is required to play these videos. Please email ULACNet@nih.gov to obtain the password.

Session 1
CAMPO Recruitment Strategies


RUNTIME: 01:01:35

Session 2
ULACNet-201 "Nine-Valent HPV Vaccine to Prevent Persistent Oral HPV Infections in Men Living with HIV"

RUNTIME: 01:00:35

Session 3
Theoretical and practical recommendations for community-based research to reduce health inequities

RUNTIME: 01:01:55

Session 4
ULACNet-302: Estudio Oportunidad

Screen capture of ULACNet-302: Estudio Oportunidad slide

RUNTIME: 00:48:15

Session 5
Staff Education – Launching a Study

Screen capture of ULACNet Session 5: Staff Education – Launching a Study


RUNTIME: 00:42:16