Trial NCT05108298

Improving Adolescent and Young Adult Self-Reported Data in ECOG-ACRIN Trials

The purpose of this study is to evaluate feasibility and acceptability of completing PROs
among AYAs randomized to Choice PRO vs Fixed PRO.




Breast Cancer, NOS, CNS Primary Tumor, NOS, Cervical Cancer, NOS, Colorectal Cancer, NOS, Leukemia, NOS, Lymphoma, NOS, Miscellaneous Neoplasm, NOS, Non-Rhabdomyosarcoma Soft Tissue Sarcoma, NOS, Testicular Nonseminomatous Germ Cell Tumor, NOS, Thyroid Cancer, NOS, Melanoma, Bone Cancer, NOS


John M Salsman, PhD, Nicholas DiBella, John A. Ellerton, Richard L. Deming, Jay W. Carlson, Gregory A. Masters, Mark A. Taylor, Pratima Chalasani, Bryan A. Faller, Debra M. Prow, Joshua Lukenbill, Deborah W. Wilbur, Brian C. Boulmay, Anasuya Gunturi, David M. King, Zhaohui Jin, Precious A. Akinsanya, Bolanle Gbadamosi, Timothy D. Moore, Christian S. Adonizio, Zachary A. Frosch, John E. Doster, Ki Y. Chung, Jeremy M. Kilburn, Howland E. Crosswell, Asheesh Shipstone, Anne-Marie R. Langevin, Brian L. Burnette, Kurt Oettel

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