Trial NCT04939597

A Study to See if Memantine Protects the Brain During Radiation Therapy Treatment for a Brain Tumor

This phase III trial compares memantine to usual treatment in treating patients with brain
tumors that are newly diagnosed or has come back (recurrent). Memantine may block receptors
(parts of nerve cells) in the brain known to contribute to a decline in cognitive function.
Giving memantine may make a difference in cognitive function (attention, memory, or other
thought processes) in children and adolescents receiving brain radiation therapy to treat a
primary brain tumor.


Cognitive Assessment, Memantine Hydrochloride, Placebo Administration


Brain Neoplasm, Recurrent Brain Neoplasm


Nadia N Laack, Eric J. Lowe, Girish Dhall, William D. Roberts, Scott M. Bradfield, Wade T. Kyono, Sandeep Batra, David S. Dickens, Kathleen J. Yost, Nadia N. Laack, Anderson (Andy) B. Collier, Keith J. August, Clare J. Twist, Philip M. Monteleone, Mukund G. Dole, Aarati V. Rao, Alyssa T. Reddy, Don E. Eslin, Eugenia Chang, Mary L. Schmidt, Nicole J. Ullrich, Laura E. Agresta, Alissa Kahn, Lauren R. Weintraub, Thomas W. McLean, Steven J. Kuerbitz, Peter M. de Blank, Mark A. Ranalli, Rene Y. McNall-Knapp, Janice F. Olson, Kelsey Bertrand, Daniel C. Bowers, Sibo Zhao, Jose M. Esquilin, Anne-Marie R. Langevin, Kenneth B. De Santes, Elyssa M. Rubin, Jennifer J. Clark, Michael S. Isakoff, Matthew D. Hall, Ashok B. Raj, Andrea T. Franson, Lisa Gennarini, Gary D. Crouch, Andrea R. Whitfield, Jamie L. Dargart, Gregory E. Halligan, Stuart L. Cramer, Aniket Saha, Adam J. Esbenshade, Shannon M. Cohn, Ranjan Bista, Melissa A. Forouhar

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