Active Supportive Care and Symptom Management Grants

PI Namesort ascending Organization - Company Title Fiscal Year Topic
Yennu, Sriram University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr A Combination Therapy to Treat Cancer-Related Fatigue 2020 Fatigue
Yeh, Jennifer M. Boston Children'S Hospital Genetic testing to guide pediatric cancer care and follow up: using anthracycline-associated cardiac toxicity as a model for the future 2019 Cardiotoxicity, Pediatrics/Adolescents/Young Adult
Wyatt, Gwen Karilyn Michigan State University Using SMART Design to Improve Symptom Management Strategies Among Cancer Patients 2019 Multiple Symptoms
Wright, Alexi A Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Strengthening Patient and Caregiver Supports in Ovarian Cancer with Palliative Care: Pilot RCT of BOLSTER 2020 Caregiver Issues
Wilkie, Diana J University Of Florida Dignity Therapy RCT led by Nurses or Chaplains for Elderly Cancer Outpatients 2019 End of Life
Wheeler, Stephanie Brooke Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Optimizing Endocrine Therapy Adherence through Motivational Interviewing and Text Interventions 2019 Medication Adherence
Wesselmann, Ursula Isolde University Of Alabama At Birmingham Racial disparities: pain in women treated for breast cancer 2016 Pain
Wen, Kuang-Yi Thomas Jefferson University A Mobile TXT-based Intervention to Improve Adherence to Adjuvant Hormone Therapy and Symptom Management for BCa Survivors 2019 Medication Adherence
Wang, Hsiao-Lan University Of South Florida A Motion Exergaming Approach to Promote Self-Managing Fatigue and Pain after Head and Neck Cancer Treatment 2020 Fatigue, Pain
Wang, Judy Huei-Yu Georgetown University Acupressure Intervention to Improve Fatigue and Physical Functioning of Chinese Immigrant Breast Cancer Survivors 2017 Fatigue
Visovsky, Constance G. University Of South Florida Home-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Taxane-Induced CIPN 2019 Neuropathy
Vanderah, Todd W University Of Arizona Cannabinoid CB2 Agonists for Treatment of Breast Cancer Induced Bone Pain 2019 Pain
Valle, Carmina G Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Promoting Physical Activity in Young Adult Cancer Survivors Using mHealth and Adaptive Tailored Feedback Strategies 2019 Pediatrics/Adolescents/Young Adult, Physical Functioning
Temel, Jennifer Sue Massachusetts General Hospital Randomized Trial of Stepped Palliative Care versus Early Integrated Palliative Care in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer 2020 Palliative Care
Taratula, Oleh Oregon State University Novel Nanomedicine-Based Therapeutic Approach For Treatment of Cancer Cachexia 2019 Cachexia