Completed Supportive Care and Symptom Management Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Fiscal Year
BLANCO, CARLOS NEW YORK STATE PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE Interpersonal therapy for depression in Breast Cancer 2013 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
COYNE, JAMES C UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Risk of Major Depression Among Breast Cancer Patients 2008 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
DANHAUER, SUZANNE C. WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES Reducing Lung Cancer Survivor Anxiety (RELAX) with Brief Device-Guided Breathing 2015 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
GREER, JOSEPH ANDREW MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Brief CBT for Anxiety and Advanced NSCLC 2008 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
HENDRIKSEN, ELLEN SETSUKO STANFORD UNIVERSITY Intervention development for anxiety in advanced NSCLC patients and caregivers 2012 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
Irwin, Scott A Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Prevention of Depression in Head and Neck Cancer 2017 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
KROENKE, KURT INDIANA UNIV-PURDUE UNIV AT INDIANAPOLIS TeleCare Management of Pain and Depression in Cancer 2009 Distress/Anxiety/Depression, Pain
LENG, JENNIFER CF SLOAN-KETTERING INST CAN RESEARCH Adapting Meaning-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Chinese Immigrant Patients with 2015 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
LENGACHER, CECILE A UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA MBSR Symptom Cluster Trial for Breast Cancer Survivors 2013 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
LEWIS, FRANCES MARCUS UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON Psychoeducation for Spouses of Women with Breast Cancer 2012 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
Milbury, Kathrin University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr Couple-based meditation program for patients with metastatic lung cancer and their partners 2017 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
MOSHER, CATHERINE E SLOAN-KETTERING INSTITUTE FOR CANCER RES Expressive Writing and Adjustment to Metastatic Breast Cancer 2009 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
SYRJALA, KAREN LESLIE FRED HUTCHINSON CAN RES CTR Interdisciplinary Studies to Enhance Long Term Survival 2010 Distress/Anxiety/Depression, Fatigue
TULSKY, JAMES A. DUKE UNIVERSITY Communication in Oncologist Patient Encounters: A Patient Intervention 2013 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
ZAIDER, TALIA IRIT SLOAN-KETTERING INST CAN RES RCT of Family Focused Grief Therapy in Palliative Care &Bereavement 2010 Distress/Anxiety/Depression