Completed Supportive Care and Symptom Management Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Fiscal Year
GRANT, MARCIA LEE CITY OF HOPE/BECKMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE A Standardized Nursing Intervention Protocol for HCT Patients 2009 Quality of Life
GREER, JOSEPH ANDREW MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Brief CBT for Anxiety and Advanced NSCLC 2008 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
Guttridge, Denis C Medical University Of South Carolina 4th Cancer Cachexia Conference: Insights into New Discoveries and Translational Therapies 2018 Cachexia
HAASE, JOAN ELLEN INDIANA UNIV-PURDUE UNIV AT INDIANAPOLIS Palliative Cancer Care: Music Video for AYA-Parent Communication and Resilience 2014 Pediatrics/Adolescents/Young Adult
HAYTHORNTHWAITE, JENNIFER A JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY The Effects of Soy Protein Supplementation on Post-Thoracotomy Pain 2009 Pain
HEIJNEN, COBI J UNIVERSITY OF TX MD ANDERSON CAN CTR Targeting Neural Mitochondria to Treat Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 2015 Neuropathy
HEINEY, SUE P UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA AT COLUMBIA Teleconference Group: Breast Cancer In African Americans 2009 Neuropathy
HENDRIKSEN, ELLEN SETSUKO STANFORD UNIVERSITY Intervention development for anxiety in advanced NSCLC patients and caregivers 2012 Distress/Anxiety/Depression
HERR, KEELA A UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Cancer Pain in Elders: Promoting EBPs in Hospices 2010 Pain
HERSHMAN, DAWN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES A randomized trial of topical menthol for chemotherapy induced neuropathy 2015 Neuropathy
Hockenberry, Marilyn J Duke University Phenotype-Genotype Associations with Symptoms During Childhood Leukemia Treatment 2016 Pediatrics/Adolescents/Young Adult
HODGE, FELICIA S UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Reducing Symptom Barriers Among American Indians 2010 Multiple Symptoms
HOFFMAN, AMY JUDE MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Managing Fatigue Using Virtual Reality for Post-Operative Lung Cancer Patients 2013 Fatigue
HUI, SIU-KUEN AZOR RESEARCH INST OF FOX CHASE CAN CTR Recruitment for cancer prevention trials through employee wellness program 2013 Other Supportive Care Issues
HURLEY, BERNARD F UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND COLLEGE PK CAMPUS "Strength training, Self-efficacy, and Function in Blacks with Prostate Cancer." 2009 Fatigue