Cancer Data Access System (CDAS)

The Cancer Data Access System (CDAS) is a web portal that facilitates access to PLCO data. Investigators can register with CDAS and request access to data collected through December 31, 2009 for the first 13 years of participation for each subject in the PLCO trial. Newly diagnosed cancers and deaths continue to be collected and will be available in the future. CDAS provides extensive documentation for each trial including a summary of the trial, a description of the data collected, and a searchable list of research projects under way and published results. Analytic data sets for prostate, lung, colorectal, ovarian and 14 other common sites of interest are available through a standard request. These standard sets include nearly all the study data available for screening, incidence and mortality analyses for those cancers. Special requests can be made for multiple cancers, other cancers, questionnaire data (SQX, DQX, DHQ), or sensitive data.

Existing projects that have an approved Proposal Application Form (PAF) will not need to re-apply through the CDAS system. Please send any questions about CDAS or PLCO data to