Trial NCT02134925

Vaccine Therapy in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Advanced Colon Polyps

This randomized phase II clinical trial studies how well MUC1 peptide-poly-ICLC adjuvant
vaccine works in treating patients with newly diagnosed advanced colon polyps (adenomatous
polyps). Adenomatous polyps are growths in the colon that may develop into colorectal cancer
over time. Vaccines made from peptides may help the body build an effective immune response
to kill polyp cells. MUC1 peptide-poly-ICLC adjuvant vaccine may also prevent the recurrence
of adenomatous polyps and may prevent the development of colorectal cancer.


Laboratory Biomarker Analysis, MUC1 Peptide-Poly-ICLC Vaccine, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Saline


Colorectal Adenoma, Colorectal Adenoma With Severe Dysplasia, Colorectal Tubulovillous Adenoma


Robert E Schoen

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