Consortium Administrative Structure

Steering Committee: All scientific teams/Units of the Consortium are linked through a governing body, the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee includes representatives of the Consortium grantees and the NCI Project Coordinator. In addition, Chairs of other NIH programs serve on the Steering Committee as ex officio members. The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include managing, overseeing and coordinating the integration of efforts among the awardees and all collaborative activities, including uniform standards of specimen and data collections and analysis. The Chair of the Steering Committee is selected by the Steering Committee members in consultation with NCI. The primary responsibilities of the Steering Committee include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Establishing Consortium policies and procedures;
  • Establishing policies and procedures for collaborative projects, protocols, and Consortium-defined projects;
  • Develop guidelines for the collection and distribution of specimen reference sets for collaborative research;
  • Setting the overall research priorities for the Consortium and identifying emerging research opportunities which can be best explored through a joint collaborative effort via the Consortium;
  • Serving as a nucleus for a broader outreach to the entire extramural research community investigating indolent versus aggressive cancers or cancers detected via existing screening programs or based on the appearance of clinical symptoms.

Consortium CoordinatorDr. Gloria Petersen and her team at the Mayo Clinic are responsible for the consortium coordination functions. These activities include:

  • Providing logistical and administrative assistance in arranging meetings to allow for efficient interactions, consultations, and oversight functions of the Steering Committee (e.g., preparing, distributing and maintaining minutes);
  • Working with NCI Program Staff to develop and maintain an interactive webpage to publicize the activities of the Consortium, to announce the availability of Consortium-supported resources and receive input from investigators;
  • Developing and maintaining a "listserv", Consortium documents including Manual of Operations and SOPs, standard procedures/protocols for data and specimen collection;
  • Supporting the development, coordination, implementation, and conduct of Consortium collaborative research protocols and monitoring protocol adherence, data collection and submission;
  • Creating and managing a patient registry with virtual biorepository that will encompass clinical and demographic information as well as available biospecimens at participating sites;
  • Supporting the formation and distribution of Consortium biospecimen sets, biospecimen tracking and analyzing data that result from the use of these specimens;
  • Creating and managing infrastructure for data management, bioinformatics, clinical data, and other requirements to support the Consortium Units.

Contact NCI Program Staff

Dr. Sudhir Srivastava
Chief of CBRG

Dr. Matthew Young
Co-lead Program Director

Dr. Guillermo Marquez
Program Director

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Program Director