Trial NCT05008848

Reaching Rural Cancer Survivors Who Smoke Using Text-Based Program

This phase III trial compares the effect of text-based cessation intervention to a manual in
helping rural cancer patients who smoke, quit. Text-based scheduled gradual reduction may
reduce the frequency of cigarette use to zero and may be effective in quitting smoking.


Health Promotion and Education, Informational Intervention, Questionnaire Administration, Smoking Cessation Intervention


Cigarette Smoking-Related Carcinoma


Devon Noonan, PhD, MPH, FNP-BC, John A. Ellerton, Vamsi K. Vasireddy, Bryan A. Faller, Joshua Lukenbill, Jay W. Carlson, Brandon Mullins, Anthony J. Jaslowski, William E. Burak, Kathleen J. Yost, Daniel M. Anderson, Homam Alkaied, Richard L. Deming, Samer S. Kasbari, Linda M. Sutton, Timothy D. Moore, Gary W. Unzeitig, Jennifer Ward, Ryan F. Porter

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