Trial NCT03804255

Assessment of Current Biomarker Testing Practices for Common Solid Cancers in Precision Oncology in the Community Setting

This trial assesses current biomarker testing practices for common solid cancers in precision oncology in the community setting. Cancer biomarkers are used for diagnosing the disease, determining prognosis, predicting response to a targeted therapy, or monitoring response to therapy. Testing quality, including accuracy and timeliness, is imperative for correct disease prognosis and identification of patients who may or may not benefit from a targeted therapy. Assessing current biomarker testing practices may help doctors identify gaps and variations in testing as well as on potential ?best practices? that may be informative and generalizable to community oncology programs.


Survey Administration


Breast Carcinoma, Colorectal Carcinoma, Community Practice, Lung Carcinoma, Melanoma, Solid Neoplasm


Julia Trosman

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