Trial NCT02856581

Management of Tobacco Treatment Intervention in Reducing Surgical Complications in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer Who Smoke Cigarettes

This randomized phase III trial studies how well management of a tobacco treatment
intervention works in reducing surgical complications in patients with newly diagnosed lung
cancer who smoke cigarettes. Management of a tobacco treatment intervention compares
varenicline (a drug that reduces the craving and withdrawal symptoms that occur with
abstinence from nicotine) and behavioral interventions (consisting of a brief
clinician-delivered intervention and tobacco quitline [tobacco cessation service available
through a toll-free telephone number] follow-up) with placebo (a pill with no active
medication) along with similar behavioral interventions. It is not yet known whether
management of a tobacco treatment intervention is more effective in reducing surgical
complications than placebo.


Varenicline, Placebo, Tobacco Cessation Counseling


Lung Carcinoma


Ivana Croghan, PhD

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