Active Liquid Biopsy Consortium Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Major Program / Research Group FOA
Agarwal, Ashutosh University Of Miami School Of Medicine A comprehensive liquid biopsy platform for detection and prognostication in early stage breast cancer Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-029
Carter, Bob S Massachusetts General Hospital Liquid Biopsy for treatment stratification of IDH1.R132H and EGFRvIII mutant gliomas Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-029
Lee, Hakho Massachusetts General Hospital Early Detection through Novel OCEAN Technology - Ovarian Cancer Exosomal Analysis with Nanoplasmonics Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-029
Papadopoulos, Nickolas Johns Hopkins University Earlier Detection of Cancers using Non-Plasma Based Liquid Biopsies Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-029
Patel, Abhijit Yale University Lung Cancer Screening via Ultrasensitive and Cost-efficient Analysis of Tumor DNA Signatures in Blood Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-029
Wong, David T University Of California Los Angeles EFIRM-Liquid Biopsy (eLB): Ultrasensitive ctDNA and miRNA Detection for Early Assessment of Lung Cancer Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-029