Members of CIB

(Principal Investigators are listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title/Research Areas
Animesh Barua, PhD Rush University Medical Center Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer by Serum Marker and Targeted Ultrasound Imaging
Laura Beretta, PhD University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Early Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Matthew Conklin, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison Collagen Structural Changes as an Early Biomarker for Breast Carcinoma
Paul A. Dayton, PhD University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Improving Breast Ultrasound Specificity through SFRP2-targeted Molecular Imaging
Randa A. El-Zein, MBChB, PhD Houston Methodist Research Institute Integrative Molecular and Imaging Approaches for Risk of Subtype Specific Breast
Paul Lampe, PhD Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Hybrid Plasma Markers that Complement CT Imaging for Early Lung Cancer Detection
Jason Lewis, PhD Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  
Pierre P. Massion, MD Vanderbilt University Non-invasive Evaluation of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules
Alan Pollack, MD, PhD University of Miami School of Medicine MRI Imaging and Genetic Signatures to Manage Prostate Cancer Overdianosis
Rebecca Richards-Kortum, PhD Rice University High Resolution Imaging & HPV Oncoprotein Detection for Global Prevention of Cervical Cancer
Victoria L. Seewaldt, MD Duke University/Beckman Research Institute Combined Breast MRI/Biomarker Strategies to Identify Agressive Biology
Eric J. Seibel, PhD University of Washington Multiplexed Imaging of Biliary Intra-epithelial Neoplasia
Avrum E. Spira, MD Boston University Medical Campus Molecular and Imaging Biomarkers for Early Lung Cancer Detection in the Setting of Intermediate Pulmonary Nodules
Ayumu Taguchi, MD, PhD University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Blood Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Screening Risk Assessment and Early Detection
Thomas D. Wang, MD, PhD University of Michigan Multiplexed Multi-modal Endoscopic Imaging of Cancer Biomarkers
Jun Wei, PhD University of Michigan Quantitative Parenchyma Descriptor as an Imaging Biomarker of Breast Cancer Risk
Chaun Zhou, PhD University of Michigan