Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP)

The Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP) is renowned for providing a strong foundation for scientists and clinicians to train in the field of cancer prevention and control.

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The multidisciplinary program offers individuals from varied health sciences disciplines postdoctoral opportunities and comprehensive instruction, including participation in research in the basic, quantitative, social/behavioral sciences, and clinical cancer prevention.

At the Edge of Discovery: The NCI Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program

Want to take your research career to the next level? Learn more about this comprehensive postdoctoral fellowship program and its outstanding opportunities for cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research in cancer prevention and control.

CPFP Annual Advances in Cancer Prevention Lecture Series

CPFP hosts a Annual Advances in Cancer Prevention lecture as part of its Summer Curriculum Program to honor researchers and practioners who have made major contributions to Cancer Prevention and Control. View the NIH VideoCasts

NCI Summer Curriculum: Strengthening Global Cancer Research Capacity

Every year, the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program (CPFP) hosts the NCI Summer Curriculum featuring two courses: The Principles and Practice of Cancer Prevention and Control (PPCPC) and the Molecular Prevention Course. The program provides a multidisciplinary overview of the principles and practices of cancer prevention and control from both the public health and the basic biology perspectives.

Upcoming CPFP Colloquia Series Lecture

Dr. Hazel B. Nichols will present the next CPFP Colloquia lecture, entitled, "Cancer and Parenthood". Date: February 4; Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM; Location: NCI Shady Grove, Seminar Room 2W-910/912.