Active Alliance of Glycobiologists for Cancer Research Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Fiscal Year
Abbott, Karen L. University Of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Glycomics Laboratory for the Development of Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers 2019
Haab, Brian B. Van Andel Research Institute Subpopulations of Pancreatic Cancer Cells Defined by Glycan Markers 2019
Lubman, David M University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor Screening of Glycan Markers in Serum for Early Detection of HCC in Different Etiologies of Disease 2019
Mehta, Anand S Medical University Of South Carolina Glycopathology of HCC: identification of the source cells of serum fucosylation 2019
Pitteri, Sharon Stanford University Glycosylation and Immune Evasion in Urologic Tumors 2019