Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Titlesort descending Project Number Fiscal Year Major Program/Research Group
Dashwood, Roderick H Texas A&M University Health Science Ctr CCAR2 as a Target for Prevention of Colorectal Cancer. 5R01CA122959-08 2020 Nutritional Science
Linstedt, Adam D Carnegie-Mellon University Cell-Based Sensors and Drug-Like Moldulators Targeting ppGalNAc-Transferases 5U01CA230677-02 2019 Cancer Biomarkers
MASSION, PIERRE P. VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Cellular, molecular and quantitative imaging analysis of screening-detected lung adenocarcinoma 3U01CA196405-04S1 2017 Molecular and Cellular Characterization
Sippel, Rebecca S University Of Wisconsin-Madison Central Neck Dissection in Patients with Clinical Node Negative Thyroid Cancer 5R01CA176911-06 2019 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Multiple Symptoms, Other Supportive Care Issues
Krupenko, Natalia Ivanovna Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Ceramide signaling in the regulation of cellular response to folate stress 5R01CA193782-05 2019 Nutritional Science
Madeleine, Margaret M Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Cervical Cancer Prevention in Peru and the Dominican Republic 1U54CA242977-01 2019 Breast and Gynecologic Cancer, US-Latin American-Caribbean U54
Reeve, Bryce B Duke University CHANGE OF GRANTEE INSTITUTION: Creating and Validating Child Adverse Event Reporting in Oncology Trials 7R01CA175759-06 2018 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Pediatrics/Adolescents/Young Adult
CHINTHALAPALLY, RAO, UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HLTH SCIENCES CTR Characterization of Potential Antigens for Immunization Against Colon Cancer and Testing Multivalent Tumor Vaccines in Min Mice 261201200013I-0-26100003-1 2012 PREVENT Cancer Preclinical Drug Development Program
Moyer, Matthew T. Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr CHARM 2: Chemotherapy for ablation and resolution of mucinous pancreatic cysts: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, multi-center clinical trial 5R01CA222648-02 2019 Gastrointestinal and Other Cancers
Sempere, Lorenzo Michigan State University Chemical ablation of ductal tree for breast cancer prevention 5R21CA226579-02 2020 Chemopreventive Agent Development
Bertozzi, Carolyn Stanford University Chemical Glycoproteomics 5R01CA200423-17 2019 Cancer Biomarkers
Turesky, Robert J. University Of Minnesota Chemical markers of heterocyclic aromatic amines for human biomonitoring 5R01CA122320-11 2018 Nutritional Science
You, Ming Medical College Of Wisconsin Chemoimmunoprevention of EGFR-Driven Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 5R01CA223804-03 2020 Chemopreventive Agent Development
Eibl, Guido Erwin Michael University Of California Los Angeles Chemoprevention and mechanisms of obesity-promoted pancreatic adenocarcinoma 1P01CA236585-01A1 2020 Nutritional Science
El-Bayoumy, Karam E Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr Chemoprevention by Black Raspberry of Oral Cancer Induced by Tobacco Carcinogens: Translational Studies 2R01CA173465-06A1 2020 Nutritional Science