Why I Joined a Clinical Trial

Hi, my name is Raffaellina and [am here] thanks to the European Institute of Oncology and to the research! I am 76 years old and I have been diagnosed [with] breast cancer. I have chosen to participate into a clinical trial because of the clear and accurate explanation of my options and future perspectives and for the confidence in research transmitted by the Team I felt as a” human being” and not as a “number”, and this feeling has not changed afterwards. I was so scared about my future, but when the team proposed me to participate in the study, I have accepted it with enthusiasm. No adverse event occurred, and moreover, I have experienced benefit that impacted the definitive surgery. We need to trust and support clinical research!

~ Raffaellina

Type(s) of Trial: Prevention

Trial Link(s): Alternative Dosing of Exemestane Before Surgery in Treating Postmenopausal Patients With Stage 0-II Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer