Correlation analysis of oral lesion sizes by various standardized criteria.

Author(s): Flanagan CE,  Rhodus NL,  Cole KA,  Szabo E,  Ondrey FG

Journal: Am J Otolaryngol

Date: 2016 Nov-Dec

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): LUACRG

PubMed ID: 27968958

PMC ID: PMC5161039

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Requirements of an NCI contract examining a novel treatment for leukoplakia were to compare standard bi-dimensional measurement of oral lesions to examine for correlation with Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) criteria, and to examine the feasibility of digital image analysis for automated measurements. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective review. METHODS: We examined 13 patients by bi-dimensional measurement and compared these measurements to 1) RECIST criteria, 2) scalar digital measurements using a standardized measuring device within the photograph, and 3) pixel number. RESULTS: RECIST criteria correlated (r-squared=0.8535, p<0.0001) with bi-dimensional measurements. Digitized measures in photographs correlated with bi-dimensional measurements (r-squared=0.6661, p=0.0007), but were time consuming. There was minimal to no correlation between pixel number in Adobe Photoshop and the other measures. CONCLUSION: Bi-dimensional measurement of oral leukoplakia and RECIST criteria are highly correlated. Digital photography measurements, though highly correlative, are very cumbersome. We recommend bi-dimensional or longest length measurement and a simple photograph as standard of documentation for leukoplakia lesions.