Mixed Methods Research With Internally Displaced Colombian Gay and Bisexual Men and Transwomen.

Author(s): Zea MC,  Aguilar-Pardo M,  Betancourt F,  Reisen CA,  Gonzales F

Journal: J Mix Methods Res

Date: 2014 Jul

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): CPFP

PubMed ID: 24926225

PMC ID: PMC4049339

Abstract: We discuss the use of mixed methods research to further understanding of displaced Colombian gay and bisexual men and transwomen, a marginalized population at risk. Within the framework of communicative action, which calls for social change through egalitarian dialog, we describe how our multinational, interdisciplinary research team explored the subjective, objective, and social worlds of participants through life history interviews and surveys. We also describe the unique Colombian context, conscious efforts to establish egalitarian relationships among research team members, and efforts to disseminate and reflect on findings. Through discussion of our research process and results, we aim to demonstrate how mixed methods research can be utilized to facilitate noncoercive discourse and contribute to social change.