A genome-wide association study of marginal zone lymphoma shows association to the HLA region.

Author(s): Vijai J,  Wang Z,  Berndt SI,  Skibola CF,  Slager SL,  de Sanjose S,  Melbye M,  Glimelius B,  Bracci PM,  Conde L,  Birmann BM,  Wang SS,  Brooks-Wilson AR,  Lan Q,  de Bakker PI,  Vermeulen RC,  Portlock C,  Ansell SM,  Link BK,  Riby J,  North KE,  Gu J,  Hjalgrim H,  Cozen W,  Becker N,  Teras LR,  Spinelli JJ,  Turner J,  Zhang Y,  Purdue MP,  Giles GG,  Kelly RS,  Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A,  Ennas MG,  Monnereau A,  Bertrand KA,  Albanes D,  Lightfoot T,  Yeager M,  Chung CC,  Burdett L,  Hutchinson A,  Lawrence C,  Montalvan R,  Liang L,  Huang J,  Ma B,  Villano DJ,  Maria A,  Corines M,  Thomas T,  Novak AJ,  Dogan A,  Liebow M,  Thompson CA,  Witzig TE,  Habermann TM,  Weiner GJ,  Smith MT,  Holly EA,  Jackson RD,  Tinker LF,  Ye Y,  Adami HO,  Smedby KE,  De Roos AJ,  Hartge P,  Morton LM,  Severson RK,  Benavente Y,  Boffetta P,  Brennan P,  Foretova L,  Maynadie M,  McKay J,  Staines A,  Diver WR,  Vajdic CM,  Armstrong BK,  Kricker A,  Zheng T,  Holford TR,  Severi G,  Vineis P,  Ferri GM,  Ricco R,  Miligi L,  Clavel J,  Giovannucci E,  Kraft P,  Virtamo J,  Smith A,  Kane E,  Roman E,  Chiu BC,  Fraumeni JF,  Wu X,  Cerhan JR,  Offit K,  Chanock SJ,  Rothman N,  Nieters A

Journal: Nat Commun

Date: 2015 Jan 8

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): PLCO

PubMed ID: 25569183

PMC ID: PMC4287989

Abstract: Marginal zone lymphoma (MZL) is the third most common subtype of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Here we perform a two-stage GWAS of 1,281 MZL cases and 7,127 controls of European ancestry and identify two independent loci near BTNL2 (rs9461741, P=3.95 × 10(-15)) and HLA-B (rs2922994, P=2.43 × 10(-9)) in the HLA region significantly associated with MZL risk. This is the first evidence that genetic variation in the major histocompatibility complex influences MZL susceptibility.