Ovarian Cancer Prevention in High-risk Women.

Author(s): Temkin SM,  Bergstrom J,  Samimi G,  Minasian L

Journal: Clin Obstet Gynecol

Date: 2017 Dec

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): BGCRG, OD

PubMed ID: 28957949

PMC ID: PMC5920567

Abstract: Ovarian carcinoma is the most lethal malignancy of the female genital tract. Population-based trials in the general population have not demonstrated that screening improves early detection or survival. Therefore, application of prevention strategies is vital to improving outcomes from this disease. Surgical prevention reduces risk and prophylactic risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy is the most effective means to prevent ovarian carcinoma in the high-risk patient although the risks do not outweigh the benefits in average risk patients. Other surgical and medical options have unknown or limited efficacy in the high-risk patient. In this review, we define the patient at high risk for ovarian cancer, discuss how to identify these women and weigh their available ovarian cancer prevention strategies.