Leverage of an Existing Cervical Cancer Prevention Service Platform to Initiate Breast Cancer Control Services in Zambia: Experiences and Early Outcomes.

Author(s): Pinder LF,  Henry-Tillman R,  Linyama D,  Kusweje V,  Nzayisenga JB,  Shibemba A,  Sahasrabuddhe V,  Lishimpi K,  Mwanahamuntu M,  Hicks M,  Parham GP

Journal: J Glob Oncol

Date: 2018 Sep

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): BGCRG

PubMed ID: 30241176

PMC ID: PMC6180756

Abstract: PURPOSE: In 2005, the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program in Zambia (CCPPZ) was implemented and has since provided cervical cancer screen-and-treat services to more than 500,000 women. By leveraging the successes and experiences of the CCPPZ, we intended to build capacity for the early detection and surgical treatment of breast cancer. METHODS: Our initiative sought to build capacity for breast cancer care through the (1) formation of a breast cancer advocacy alliance to raise awareness, (2) creation of resource-appropriate breast cancer care training curricula for mid- and high-level providers, and (3) implementation of early detection and treatment capacity within two major health care facilities. RESULTS: Six months after the completion of the initiative, the following outcomes were documented: Breast health education and clinical breast examination (CBE) services were successfully integrated into the service platforms of four CCPPZ clinics. Two new breast diagnostic centers were opened, which provided access to breast ultrasound, ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy, and needle aspiration. Breast health education and CBE were provided to 1,955 clients, 167 of whom were evaluated at the two diagnostic centers; 55 of those evaluated underwent core-needle biopsy, of which 17 were diagnosed with invasive cancer. Newly trained surgeons performed six sentinel lymph node mappings, eight sentinel lymph node dissections, and 10 breast conservation surgeries (lumpectomies). CONCLUSION: This initiative successfully established clinical services in Zambia that are critical for the early detection and surgical management of breast cancer.