Protein-based multiplex assays: mock presubmissions to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Author(s): Regnier FE,  Skates SJ,  Mesri M,  Rodriguez H,  Tezak Z,  Kondratovich MV,  Alterman MA,  Levin JD,  Roscoe D,  Reilly E,  Callaghan J,  Kelm K,  Brown D,  Philip R,  Carr SA,  Liebler DC,  Fisher SJ,  Tempst P,  Hiltke T,  Kessler LG,  Kinsinger CR,  Ransohoff DF,  Mansfield E,  Anderson NL

Journal: Clin Chem

Date: 2010 Feb

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): BRG

PubMed ID: 20007858

PMC ID: not available

Abstract: As a part of ongoing efforts of the NCI-FDA Interagency Oncology Task Force subcommittee on molecular diagnostics, members of the Clinical Proteomic Technology Assessment for Cancer program of the National Cancer Institute have submitted 2 protein-based multiplex assay descriptions to the Office of In Vitro Diagnostic Device Evaluation and Safety, US Food and Drug Administration. The objective was to evaluate the analytical measurement criteria and studies needed to validate protein-based multiplex assays. Each submission described a different protein-based platform: a multiplex immunoaffinity mass spectrometry platform for protein quantification, and an immunological array platform quantifying glycoprotein isoforms. Submissions provided a mutually beneficial way for members of the proteomics and regulatory communities to identify the analytical issues that the field should address when developing protein-based multiplex clinical assays.