Mechanisms of disease: Prostate cancer--a model for cancer chemoprevention in clinical practice.

Author(s): Canby-Hagino ED,  Thompson IM

Journal: Nat Clin Pract Oncol

Date: 2005 May

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): CCOP, COPTRG, PUCRG

PubMed ID: 16264961

PMC ID: not available

Abstract: Prostate cancer is a significant cause of cancer death, making it an attractive target for chemoprevention. Epidemiologic studies and the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial indicate that chemoprevention is possible. Strategies for prevention include hormonal manipulation and limiting accumulation of genetic damage with anti-inflammatory agents and/or dietary antioxidants. Development of an effective chemoprevention strategy for prostate cancer is evolving and will likely serve as a model for chemoprevention of other adult malignancies.