Incorporating Digital Tools to Improve Clinical Trial Infrastructure: A White Paper From the Digital Engagement Committee of SWOG.

Author(s): Dizon DS,  Sedrak MS,  Lewis MA,  Cook E,  Fisch MJ,  Klemp JR,  Sommers J,  Ciccarella A,  Gralow J,  Lawton W,  Nichols C,  SWOG Digital Engagement Committee

Journal: JCO Clin Cancer Inform

Date: 2018 Dec

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): NCORP

PubMed ID: 30652537

PMC ID: PMC6668704

Abstract: Progress toward improvement in cancer therapy relies on clinical trials. Yet, only a minority of eligible patients with cancer enroll as a result of multiple barriers at the patient, investigator, center, and national level. However, the rise of the Internet and mobile technology has created a slew of tools with medical applications, from Web sites to apps to social media platforms, all of which may aide clinicians in our quest to improve the clinical research enterprise. SWOG is one of five members in the National Cancer Institute's National Clinical Trials Network-the nation's oldest and largest publicly funded cancer research network-and is taking a leadership role in exploring and testing the promise of digital engagement through the empaneling of the Digital Engagement Committee. This article outlines the mission, principles, and priorities of the Digital Engagement Committee and proposes how this work may inform the use of digital tools for the cancer research community and, hopefully, translate to improved outcomes for our patients.