A nanoscale, multi-parametric flow cytometry-based platform to study mitochondrial heterogeneity and mitochondrial DNA dynamics.

Author(s): MacDonald JA,  Bothun AM,  Annis SN,  Sheehan H,  Ray S,  Gao Y,  Ivanov AR,  Khrapko K,  Tilly JL,  Woods DC

Journal: Commun Biol

Date: 2019

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): PARR

PubMed ID: 31312727

PMC ID: PMC6624292

Abstract: Mitochondria are well-characterized regarding their function in both energy production and regulation of cell death; however, the heterogeneity that exists within mitochondrial populations is poorly understood. Typically analyzed as pooled samples comprised of millions of individual mitochondria, there is little information regarding potentially different functionality across subpopulations of mitochondria. Herein we present a new methodology to analyze mitochondria as individual components of a complex and heterogeneous network, using a nanoscale and multi-parametric flow cytometry-based platform. We validate the platform using multiple downstream assays, including electron microscopy, ATP generation, quantitative mass-spectrometry proteomic profiling, and mtDNA analysis at the level of single organelles. These strategies allow robust analysis and isolation of mitochondrial subpopulations to more broadly elucidate the underlying complexities of mitochondria as these organelles function collectively within a cell.