Functional impact of tumor-specific N-linked glycan changes in breast and ovarian cancers.

Author(s): Guo H,  Abbott KL

Journal: Adv Cancer Res

Date: 2015

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): GLYCO

PubMed ID: 25727151

PMC ID: not available

Abstract: Changes in glycosylation have been implicated in various human diseases, including cancer. Research over the past few decades has produced significant findings that illustrate the importance of cancer-specific alterations in glycosylation in the regulation of tumor formation and metastasis. The identification of glycan-based biomarkers and strategies targeting specific glycan epitopes on the tumor cell surface has become one of the widely pursued research areas. In this chapter, we will summarize and provide perspective on available knowledge about the functional roles that glycan structures play in the development and progression of the gynecological cancers, breast and ovarian, with a specific focus on N-linked glycans. A better understanding of the functional roles for glycans in cancer will drive future innovations for diagnostics and therapeutics.