Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer: biomarkers for improved prevention efforts.

Author(s): Sahasrabuddhe VV,  Luhn P,  Wentzensen N

Journal: Future Microbiol

Date: 2011 Sep

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): BGCRG, CPFP

PubMed ID: 21958146

PMC ID: PMC3809085

Abstract: While organized screening programs in industrialized countries have significantly reduced cervical cancer incidence, cytology-based screening has several limitations. Equivocal or mildly abnormal Pap tests require costly retesting or diagnostic work-up by colposcopy and biopsy. In low-resource countries, it has been difficult to establish and sustain cytology-based programs. Advances in understanding human papillomavirus biology and the natural history of human papillomavirus-related precancers and cancers have led to the discovery of a range of novel biomarkers in the past decade. In this article, we will discuss the potential role of new biomarkers for primary screening, triage and diagnosis in high-resource countries and their promise for prevention efforts in resource constrained settings.