Optimization of Nanostring Platform for Evaluation of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targes in FFPE Specimens

Author(s): Yan Wusheng,  Young Denise,  Song Yingjie,  Chen Yongmei,  Katta Shilpa,  Ravindranath Lakshmi,  Lee Jocelyn,  Srinivasan Alagarsamy,  Cullen Jennifer,  Kagan Jacob,  Srivastava Sudhir,  Dobi Albert,  Rosner Inger,  McLeod David,  Sesterhenn Isabell,  Srivastava Shiv,  Petrovics Gyotgy

Journal: Lab Invest

Date: 2015 Feb

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): CBRG

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PMC ID: not available