Methyl selenocysteine: single-dose pharmacokinetics in men.

Author(s): Marshall JR,  Ip C,  Romano K,  Fetterly G,  Fakih M,  Jovanovic B,  Perloff M,  Crowell J,  Davis W,  French-Christy R,  Dew A,  Coomes M,  Bergan R

Journal: Cancer Prev Res (Phila)

Date: 2011 Nov

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): CONSORTIA, CADRG

PubMed ID: 21846796

PMC ID: PMC3208773

Abstract: The recently published report of the SELECT evaluation of selenium and vitamin E provided strong evidence that selenium 200 μg per day in the form of selenomethionine does not protect selenium-replete men against prostate or any other cancer. This seems to refute the result of the much smaller Nutritional Prevention of Cancer (NPC) trial of selenium. Because SELECT did not test the NPC agent, it is possible that the difference between the two trials stems partly from the use of different agents: selenomethionine in SELECT, and selenized yeast in the NPC trial. One of the organic selenium forms suspected of having strong chemopreventive effects, and which may have been present in the NPC agent, is methyl selenocysteine. This study characterizes the single-dose pharmacokinetics of methyl selenocysteine.