Surgical readmissions: results of integrating pre-, peri- and postsurgical care.

Author(s): Noyes K,  Baack-Kukreja J,  Messing EM,  Schoeniger L,  Galka E,  Pan W,  Xueya C,  Fleming FJ,  Monson JR,  Mohile SG,  Francone T

Journal: Nurs Open

Date: 2016 Jul

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): NCORP

PubMed ID: 27708827

PMC ID: PMC5047346

Abstract: AIMS: To explore the feasibility of recruiting surgical oncology patients and implementing a surgical integrated discharge (SID) programme led by advanced practice providers (APP). BACKGROUND: Burden of illness and complexity of treatment regimen makes it challenging for surgical oncology patients to participate in research. Surgical oncology nurses may have the necessary expertise to overcome this problem. DESIGN: Controlled longitudinal prospective observational study. METHODS: The SID programme included multidisciplinary care coordination, regular communication among APPs and proactive postdischarge follow-up. Administrative databases were used to identify matching historical controls (n = 113) and evaluate programme outcomes. RESULTS: Patient enrolment was 84%. The main challenges for the programme implementation included incompatible health information systems among care settings, variation in care processes among hospital units and need for provider behaviour change. CONCLUSIONS: Most surgical oncology patients are willing to participate in outcomes programmes when contacted by familiar clinical personnel but programme implementation requires leadership support, communication among care teams and training and infrastructure.