Geriatric assessment with management in cancer care: Current evidence and potential mechanisms for future research.

Author(s): Magnuson A,  Allore H,  Cohen HJ,  Mohile SG,  Williams GR,  Chapman A,  Extermann M,  Olin RL,  Targia V,  Mackenzie A,  Holmes HM,  Hurria A

Journal: J Geriatr Oncol

Date: 2016 Jul

Major Program(s) or Research Group(s): NCORP

PubMed ID: 27197915

PMC ID: PMC4969156

Abstract: Older adults with cancer represent a complex patient population. Geriatric assessment (GA) is recommended to evaluate the medical and supportive care needs of this group. "GA with management" is a term encompassing the resultant medical decisions and interventions implemented in response to vulnerabilities identified on GA. In older, non-cancer patients, GA with management has been shown to improve a variety of outcomes, such as reducing functional decline and health care utilization. However, the role of GA with management in the older adult with cancer is less well established. Rigorous clinical trials of GA with management are necessary to develop an evidence base and support its use in the routine oncology care of older adults. At the recent U-13 conference, "Design and Implementation of Intervention Studies to Improve or Maintain Quality of Survivorship in Older and/or Frail Adults with Cancer," a session was dedicated to developing research priorities in GA with management. Here we summarize identified knowledge gaps in GA with management studies for older patients with cancer and propose areas for future research.