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Rapid Access to Preventive Intervention Development (RAPID) Program

Application Information

Format of Applications

There is no specific form for applications. Applications must be no more than 20 single-spaced pages, be submitted in hard copy and electronic copy (MS Word or preferably .pdf format) and contain the following elements:

  • Abstract - 300 words or less
  • Background - summary of the field to allow appropriate understanding of the scientific and medical context from which the opportunity emerges
  • Hypothesis - clear statement of the hypothesis(ses) to be clinically tested
  • Specific Request - clear statement of tasks requiring NCI support to enable clinical testing; and clear statement about the anticipated future role of the applicant or collaborative institution in the development of the project under the NCI contract
  • Justification - why the project under consideration represents a particularly innovative or promising approach to preventing cancer
  • Uniqueness - discussion of related or similar molecules already under development by NCI or known to be in development under industrial sponsorship, and why NCI should undertake development in light of this
  • Additional support - clear statement of all current, anticipated, and hoped for sources of support for the project, including a status summary of past, planned, or ongoing negotiations with companies related to licensure or future development of the product
  • Intellectual Property - a statement of any patents issued or pending with respect to the product
  • Standard CV - 2 pages plus publications
  • Appendix - background preprints or reprints; maximum of five; not included in the page limitation

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Address for Applications

Applications for the RAPID program should be submitted to:

Izet M. Kapetanovic, PhD

RAPID Program
Izet M. Kapetanovic, PhD
(301) 435-5011

Overnight mail:
RAPID Program
Attn: Izet M. Kapetanovic, PhD
Division of Cancer Prevention
NCI Executive Plaza North
6130 Executive Blvd.
Rm. 2116
Rockville, MD 20852

Regular U.S. mail:
RAPID Program
Attn: Izet M. Kapetanovic, PhD
NCI, Division of Cancer Prevention
Executive Plaza North, Rm. 2116
MSC 7322
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20892-7322

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Receipt Dates

Applications will be reviewed once per year. Applications (3 hardcopies and one electronic copy), including a resume for the principal investigator must be received on or before November 1. Review will be completed by March 1, the following year. NCI staff will discuss the project in person or by telephone conference, with successful applicants, and time lines for completion of tasks will be in place by May 1.

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Review Criteria

Strength of the hypothesis - the extent to which this discovery is associated with a compelling hypothesis that strongly merits a clinical test.

Novelty - the extent to which this discovery will enable clinical testing of new approaches to cancer prevention that have not been adequately explored and are NOT likely to be explored without RAPID assistance.

Costs and Benefits - appropriateness of the anticipated costs (as estimated by the RAPID Review Committee) in light of the possible benefits.

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Submittal and Review Process

Under the RAPID program, NCI contractors perform work pertaining to approved projects. Speed of review, criteria for review, and timeframe of interaction is significantly different when compared to the grant funding mechanism.

RAPID is not a grant program to a particular laboratory. The majority of resources committed through RAPID are NCI new-agent development contracts and NCI staff expertise in service of highly meritorious projects. Some steps in the process may be best carried out in the originating laboratories, in which case NCI will initially attempt to provide necessary support through existing suitable funding vehicles, but this pathway for support may not be the ultimate avenue used.

The focus is on using NCI staff expertise to define the most effective and cost-efficient means of getting necessary tasks accomplished. Applicants are NOT expected to ask for specific funds or to estimate costs in a RAPID proposal. A central function of NCI staff in the RAPID Review Process is to outline costs utilizing U.S. Government internal or external contract sources to achieve the desired goals.

A special RAPID Review Group, comprised of selected NCI staff and outside experts from academia and industry, reviews applications. NCI staff participate in an advisory capacity, and are not reviewing or voting members of the RAPID Review Group. RAPID Review Group members are bound by confidentiality agreements customary for review of NIH grants.

Review results in the assignment of priority scores. NCI commits to develop the projects accorded high merit by the Review process. The number of projects supported in any review cycle is a function of the level of merit and availability of funds.

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