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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials - University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Mulitcenter sites)

Agent: Lycopene Supplementation
Contact: Jeri Kim, MD
DCP Program Director: Howard Parnes, MD

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the potential of lycopene as a chemopreventive agent for prostate cancer. Men with a diagnosis of prostate cancer who are considering surgical removal of the prostate gland (prostatectomy) may be eligible to participate in this study. Those taking part in the study will receive either lycopene supplementation or placebo for several weeks immediately before prostate surgery. The study is being conducted at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and several other study sites through the M.D. Anderson Clinical Trials Consortium. This study will be open to accrual in the summer of 2007.

[This is a phase 2 randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial of lycopene supplementation administered for 6 weeks in the presurgical period prior to prostatectomy in men with clinically localized prostate cancer. The primary endpoints are differences in tissue concentrations of lycopene in the prostatectomy specimen between treatment groups and the change in serum lycopene concentration from baseline and at 6 weeks.]