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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials - Brigham and Women's Hospital (Phase III)

Agents: Vitamin E, C and Multivitamin
Contact: Michael Gaziano, MD
DCP Program Director: Howard Parnes, MD

The purpose of this five-year study is to determine the effect of vitamin E, vitamin C, and multivitamins on total cancer incidence for primary prevention of prostate cancer, other cancers, and cardiovascular incidence. The Physician's Health Study (PHS) II is an on-going study extending treatment and follow-up among 14,642 healthy male physicians aged 50 years and older. This study is now closed to accrual.

[This is a phase 3 randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial of vitamin E, vitamin C and multivitamins designed to assess the impact of these agents on prostate, other cancers, and cardiovascular events.]