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  • Cameron, T.P., Rogers-Back, A.M., Lawlor, T.E., Harbell, J.W., Seifried, H.E., and Dunkel, V.C. 1991. "Gentoxicity of Multifunctional Acrylates in the Salmonella/Mammalian-Microsome Assay and Mouse Lymphoma TK+/-Assay" Environmental and Molecular Mutatagenesis 17:264-271.
  • Chandrasekharappa S.C., Guru S.C., Manickam P., Olufemi S.E., Collins F.S., Emmert Buck M.R., Debelenko, L.V., Zhuang Z.A., Lubensky I.A., Liotta L.A., Wang Y., Roe B.A., Weisemann J., Boguski M.S., Agarwal S.K., Kester M.B., Kim Y.S., et al., "Positional cloning of the gene for multiple endocrine neoplasia-type 1." Science 276: 404-407, 1997.
  • Dunkel, V.C. San, R., Harbell, J., Seifried, H.E., and Cameron, T.P. 1992. "Evaluation of the Mutagenicity of an N-nitroso Contaminant of the Sunscreen Padimate O: N-Nitroso-N-methyl-p-aminobenzoic acid, 2-ethylhexyl ester (NPABAO)" Environmental and Molecular Mutatagenesis 20:188-198.
  • Dunkel, V.C., San, R.H., Seifried, H.E., Whittaker, P., "Gentoxicity of iron compounds in Salmonella typhimurium and L5178Y mouse lymphoma cells." Environmental and Molecular Mutatagenesis 1999;33 (1):28-41.
  • Kelloff, G.J., Crowell, J.A., Hawk, E.T., Steele, V.E. et al 1996. "Strategy and planning for chemopreventive drug development: clinical development plans II." J. Cell. Biochem. Supplement 25:54-71
  • Kim Y.S., Burns A.L., Goldsmith P.K., Heppner C., Park S.Y., Chandrasekharappa S.C., Collins F.S., Spiegel A.M., and Marx S.J., "Stable overexpression of MEN 1 suppresses tumorigenicity of RAS." Oncogene 18: 5936-5942, 1999.
  • Kohn E.C., Jacobs W., Kim Y.S. et al., "Calcium influx modulates expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (72 kDa type IV collagenase, gelatinase A)." J. Biol. Chem. 269: 21505-21511, 1994.
  • Seifried, H.E., 1986. "Eye Irritation Testing: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions." J. Toxicol. - Cutaneous and Occular Toxicol. 5(2): 89-114.

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