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Extraordinary Opportunities for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Assessment Research


This report highlights the Cancer Biomarkers Research Group (CBRG) of the Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute (NCI) and its mission to meet several "extraordinary opportunities" identified by the NCI. The document features CBRG-supported research opportunities with particular emphasis on the mission of the NCI. Background material on molecular research, trends in cancer detection research, and summaries of staff profiles are provided to accentuate why and how CBRG mission will impact the scientific and clinical communities - within and beyond NCI.

The NCI has identified earlier cancer detection as a major program area, needing immediate investment to improve and expand cancer detection through the development of molecular profiling associated with early stage of disease and patients at risk for cancer. Important research issues and challenges faced by the scientific community are addressed by the CBRG, and this report describes CBRG's coordinated, programmatic approach to cancer detection research.

We introduce to you, The Cancer Biomarkers Research Group of the National Cancer Institute: Opportunities in Preclinical Research for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Assessment.

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