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Extraordinary Opportunities for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Assessment Research

CBRG Mission

The mission of the CBRG is to engage basic and clinical scientists as well as epidemiologists and statisticians in a search for and validation of promising early cancer biomarkers. To do so, the CBRG supports and facilitates a broad spectrum of national and international research activities in molecular biology and genetics, particularly for the discovery of biomarkers for risk prediction and early detection of cancer. The CBRG also supports the development of databases and informatics systems to optimize tracking and assessment of biomarker utility and expression patterns. By facilitating, promoting, and coordinating research with the latest discoveries in technology and molecular circuitry of preneoplastic cells, the CBRG is committed to providing mechanistic predictors of preneoplastic progression and tools for effective cancer prevention. Our mission is accomplished through focused program portfolios, including grants, contracts, and program-initiated research.

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