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Biomarkers Knowledge Base and Informatic Systems

Several factors hamper the use of scientific information for translation into new technologies and strategies to improve public health. Information about biomarkers is not well organized, often difficult to find, and published in a large variety of journals and databases. Terminology has been inconsistent and uniform classification schemes are not established, thereby complicating the literature searches for information about biomarkers. While highly integrated systems have evolved to link publications about genes and proteins through a variety of biomedical informatics sources, such integrated system has not yet emerged in linking biomarkers to disease processes.

One consideration is the development of an informatics system or knowledge center that would enable users to search through multiple sources (publications, databases, etc.) to identify and organize biomarker information. New systems are needed to establish unique identifiers for publications that will enable data mining and organizational strategies. The CBRG will collaborate with relevant offices in the National Institutes of Health to embark on developing a comprehensive knowledge base for biomarkers.

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