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Cancer Biomarkers Research Group

Programs and Projects

The Cancer Biomarkers Research Group supports research programs utilizing cellular, genetic, molecular, and phenotypic markers, including proteomics, metabolomics, glycomics, and pathologic grades and stages. The group also promotes development of enabling technologies to accelerate characterization of preneoplastic lesions, early stages of cancer, or risk factors leading to assay development for cancer detection and diagnosis.

The Early Detection Research Network focuses on discovery and validation of biomarkers for non-invasive, early detection of cancer and unites clinical and basic scientists so that discovery is clinically driven, yet balanced with a systematic approach to validation. See the map of EDRN sites for investigator names, affiliations, and locations.

Tumor Glycomics Laboratories of the NIH Alliance of Glycobiologists for Detection of Cancer focuses on the stimulation of innovative translation research in the field of complex carbohydrates with the goal of developing new classes of molecular markers for early detection of cancer. See also a map of the Glycomic Laboratories.

Cancer Biomarkers Research Portfolio

Search the NCI-Funded Research Portfolio for projects supported by the Cancer Biomarkers Research Group. Use the Advanced Search to choose Division of Cancer Prevention and a topic or program director name.