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Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Research Group

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Ovarian Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials

Ongoing Phase I/II Prevention Trials Funded and Monitored by the Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Research Group (BGCRG)

Principal Investigator Funding Mechanism Title of Award Chemopreventive Agent
Robert Park, MD
Gynecologic Oncology Group
Master Agreement Fenretinide as Chemoprevention in Ovarian Carcinoma 4-HPR
Molly Brewer, MD
University of Arizona
Master Agreement A Multicenter Randomized Double-Blinded Trial for Chemoprevention of Ovarian Cancer: Modulation of Biomarkers and Spectral Properties using Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound In High-risk Women using Fenretinide (4-HPR)
4-HPR Placebo

** indicates studies that are open to accrual

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