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Survival Analysis for All-or-None Compliance

(Written by Stuart G. Baker)

These files are based on a publication by Baker SG. Analysis of survival data from a randomized trial with all-or-none compliance: estimating the cost-effectiveness of a cancer screening program. Journal of the American Statistical Association 1998;93:929-934.

It runs on Mathematica 2.2 or 3.0. It is first necessary to load the packages in the "composite linear models" section.


Download All (ZIP, 9KB)

File name / sizeDescription
exhipadj.m (M File, 11KB) All-or-none compliance: constrained model
ezhipitt.m (M File, 9KB) Intent to treat: constrained model
ezhipdat.m (M File, 14KB) Data and unconstrained models

To reproduce the unconstrained and constrained all-or-none calculations in the manuscript, load ezhipadj.m and type fitalladj[t] where t is symbolic. To reproduce the unconstrained and constrained intent-to-treat calculations in the manuscript, load ezhiptt.m and type fitallitt[t].

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