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Power Calculations

(Developed by Don Corle)

This program has been assembled through the combined efforts of the Biometry Branch (DCP) and Information Management Services, Inc. The program computes sample size or power for user specified null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis parameter values for a variety of experimental designs. The user is asked to select the appropriate experimental design from a menu of available options. After an option is selected, the user can specify parameter variations associated with that option only.

To the extent that similar terminology is used across the various designs, we have attempted to standardize the questions. However, where ambiguities might arise, we have retained the terminology used in the original articles. The user can obtain further information about a particular option from the general instructions. This information includes the journal reference for the particular design and a brief description of what the option will accomplish.

The Power Program is available on the Helix and DOS platforms, and with a web-based user interface. The web interface is available at URL:


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