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A Simple Loglinear Model for Haplotype Effects in a Case-Control Study Involving Two Unphased Genotypes

(written by Stuart G. Baker)

These programs were based on a publication by Baker SG. A simple loglinear model for haplotype effects in a case-control study involving two unphased genotypes, Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology

It runs in Mathematics 5.1 and requires the composite linear model (CLM) packages (not the examples) at Exit Disclaimer.

All files should be loaded into a directory called clm.m


Download All (zip, 12kb)

File name / sizeDescription
hap.m (M File, 2KB) Initial file to load other files
hapsup.m (M File, 8KB) Functions for design matrix, finding non-rare haplotypes, etc
hapgen.m (M File, 10KB) Functions for creating matrix linking haplotypes and genotypes
exhap.m (M File, 3KB) Core functions for CLM routine
hapdat.m (M File, 8KB) Functions to support simulations
hapsim.m (M File, 5KB) Functions for simulating counts (calls exhap)
hapfit.m (M File, 4KB) Functions for fitting data (calls exhap)

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