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The Health Disparities in Estrogen Receptor (ER) Negative Breast Cancer Meeting


Meeting Date

November 01-02, 2007

Meeting Location

Building 31 Room 6C-10
Bethesda, MD

Meeting Objectives

The Trans-National Cancer Institute Estrogen Receptor Negative (ERN) Working Group sponsored a Think Tank on Health Disparities in ERN Breast Cancer. The goal of the meeting was to discuss research priorities and opportunities in order to address problems related to health disparities in ER-negative breast cancer. The outcome of these discussions could potentially serve as a guide for a future NCI investment in this area of research. The specific objectives were:

  • To discuss potential preclinical models that are useful as surrogate human models in estrogen receptor negative (ERN) breast cancer.
  • To better understand the biology of ERN breast cancer and the overlap with basal-like and triple negative breast cancer
  • To discuss the molecular classification of breast cancer subtypes based on expression profiling.
  • To assess risk factors for ERN breast cancer in young African American women and the impact on outcomes.
  • To discuss the prevalence of BRCA-1 mutations and the basal phenotype in African American women.
  • To examine the association of lifestyle factors (e.g., dietary factors and physical activity) in relationship to outcomes and prevention of ERN breast cancer in African Americans and other populations of minority women.
  • To discuss the potential of emerging biomarker targets and their usefulness in preventing and managing ERN breast cancer.
  • To review the role of methylation in ERN breast cancer.
  • To discuss the role of imaging in enhancing the identification and classification of ERN breast cancer.
  • Nutrition-related databases; and
  • Bioactive food components.

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