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Stars in Nutrition & Cancer

Nuclear Receptors and the Complex Journey to Obesity

Star Speaker

Ron M. Evans, PhD
Gene Expression Laboratory
Salk Institute, LaJolla, CA

Meeting Date

September 20, 2004

Meeting Time

4:00-4:15 pm – Introduction (Dr. Zerhouni)
4:15-5:15 pm – Lecture
5:15-6:00 pm – Discussion

Meeting Site

Lipsett Amphitheater
Building 10
NIH Main Campus

Meeting Objectives

  • To understand the newest and most significant advances in the problems arising from obesity and how they relate to cancer.
  • To explore how key regulators of energy balance may control diverse aspects of tumor growth.

This activity will be of interest to anyone with an interest in nutrition and cancer prevention.

Sponsored by

National Cancer Institute
National Institutes of Health
Department of Health and Human Services

Meeting Objectives

Point of Contact

For additional information or questions about this event, please contact the DCP Webmaster.

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