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Diagnostic Criteria for Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer and Microsatellite Instability


December 11, 2002
5:00 pmArrival/Registration
5:15 pmIntroduction and Divisional Perspectives - I
P Greenwald, Director DCP
5:30 pmIntroduction and Divisional Perspectives - II
B Hiatt, Deputy Director DCCPS
5:45 pmPlenary talk
CR Boland
7:00 pmDinner RJ Hine, NSRG Introduction and Purpose

December 12, 2002
8:00 amRegistration & Breakfast
8:30 amEvolution of MSI and Bethesda Guidelines
S Srivastava
8:50 amIntroduction & Objectives
A Umar/A Freedman
9:10 amKeynote Address and NCI's Perspective
J Carl Barrett, Director CCR
9:30 amHNPCC-history and current status
H Lynch
9:50 amMicrosatellite Instability-Overview and Definitions
S Thibodeau
10:10 am-----COFFEE BREAK-----
10:20 amGenetic Defects That Lead to MSI phenotype
T Kunkel
10:40 amPathological Manifestations in Clinical Disease
S Hamilton
11:00 amICG and HNPCC/MSI Definitions
P Peltomaki
11:20 amMSI and IHC in a large series of carriers of a MMR gene mutation
H Vasen
12:00 pmMSI in hMLH1 & hMSH2 in sporadic and familial CRC
A Lindbloom
12:20 pm-----LUNCH-----
1:20 pmDiagnostic value of immunohistochemistry versus MSI testing in colorectal neoplasia
J Jass
1:40 pmMSI-H vs MSI-L and carcinogenesis
M Rodriguez-Bigas
2:00 pmIHC vs NCI panel for MSI
A de la Chapelle
2:20 pmComparison of Different Criteria for HNPCC
A Freedman
2:40 pmSensitivity and Specificity of the Bethesda Guidelines for the Identification of HNPCC Patients
S Syngal
3:00 pmPerformance characteristics of the Bethesda guidelines: Can the lessons learned from a high-risk registry be applied to the general population?
John Terdiman
3:20 pm-----COFFEE BREAK-----
3:30 - 5:30 pmDISCUSSION

Discuss, evaluate, and recommend definition of MSI phenotype in cancer; evaluate correlation between MSI phenotype and pathological stages of tumor progression and clinical outcome Discuss methodological and quality control issues for MSI assays and recommend current guidelines for scoring and reproducibility of these assays Discuss alternate methods of MSI detection

3:30 pm Session I - NCI Panel for MSI
Chair/co-chairs: CR Boland/ Rodriguez-Bigas
Moderator: TBD

What are the deficiencies in NCI criteria for MSI detection? Can we effectively assign MSI status of a particular cancer using current guidelines?
Is NCI panel of markers sufficient to investigate MSI-H/L? What genetic defects might be associated with MSI+ but no known gene defect?
Is there a correlation between MSI-H/L and certain gene defects? Refine NCI markers to increase sensitivity and specificity of detection
Recommend minimum set of markers that would serve the above mentioned purpose in the context of HNPCC and sporadic MSI cancers
Redefine MSI-H and MSI-L based on new data

4:10 pm Session II - Immunohistochemistry and alternatives to MSI
Chair/co-chairs: J Jass/ S Thibodeau
Moderator: S Hamilton

New emerging technologies that might help in preclinical and clinical definition of MSI or HNPCC
Automated panel vs conventional gel based MSI analysis Immunohistochemistry; an alternative or substitute for MSI?

4:50 pm Session III - Clinical Criteria for HNPCC
Chair/co-chairs: CR Boland/(S Syngal)
Moderator: (J Terdiman)

Can we define an all inclusive criteria for HNPCC classification Refine Bethesda Criteria to increase sensitivity and specificity for clinical diagnosis

December 13, 2002
8:00 amRegistration & Breakfast
9:00 amClosing remarks / Introduction to the final discussion / plans for procedings
A Freedman / Asad Umar
9:30 amFinal thoughts on MSI and carcinogenesis
CR Boland
10:00 amRecommendations Summary & Discussion - I
M Rodriquez-Bigas
10:30 amRecommendations Summary & Discussion - II
S Hamilton
11:00 amRecommendations Summary & Discussion - III
J Terdiman
11:30 amAdjourn

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