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The Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) Public-Private Partnership Workshop

Meeting Dates

September 05, 2002

Meeting Site

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor Michigan

Meeting Purpose

The Early Detection Research Network, an NCI sponsored network will conduct a Public Private Partnership Workshop during the 6th EDRN Steering Committee Meeting (September 3-6, 2002). The workshop will discuss different issues including Intellectual Property, Financing and Mechanism for Public Private Partnership.

Overview: A New Paradigm for Private-Public Funding for Cancer Research

The National Cancer Institute leads the Nation's investment in cancer research. The NCI does not, however, represent the Nation's sole contributor in the fight against cancer. Critical contributions are made by other government agencies, charitable organizations, academia and most notably private industry. The coordinated efforts of these parties can result in productive partnerships where the different groups, collectively and individually can play unique roles in forwarding progress.

Over the years, the NCI in particular has established numerous platforms to facilitate and enable research in cancer. These platforms often create an infrastructure for translational and clinical research that is essential for the efficient execution of such activities. These platforms function to provide unique resources, reagents, information exchange, as well as the critical mass of researcher, facilities, technologies and disciplines to accomplish the challenges of various aspects of cancer research. The goal and demonstrated talent of the NCI is to make investments that maximize the opportunities for progress.

Industry plays a unique role in bringing the end-stage products of the Nation's investment in research through product development and into the public's reach, as well as serving as a valuable contributor in all other stages of the research and discovery process. In order to accomplish this unique mission, industry has needs for scientific infrastructure, that overlap the needs of ongoing research efforts supported by the NCI. The costs and management of Investments required to support the development of such infrastructure frequently exceeds the capabilities of any one company and does not require proprietary access.

The NCI and industry would benefit from a mechanism that allows for a formal partnering with respect to the development of the necessary infrastructure. Partnership will strengthen these collaborations by creating a vehicle for industry to interact with and where appropriate, co-fund the development of the required infrastructure with the NCI. Industry will benefit by having the opportunity to assist in the identification and defining of infrastructure objectives through the NCI planning process; leveraging their investments in infrastructure by contributing to a greater resource base; having access to new resources, expertise, databases and reagents that result from NCI-coordinated infrastructure investments; and having experienced management of their infrastructure investments by the NCI. The NCI will benefit by having access to industry expertise and technology, availability of an expanded investment base to build the critical infrastructure for cancer research, the expanded scientific scope industry brings to the scientific priority setting process, and the strengthened capabilities of our industrial partners which is essential for bringing the products of our research investments to the American public.

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