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Opening a New Paradigm About How to Study Nutrition and Cancer


On February 23, 2000 a group of 10 external experts was convened to discuss:
New paradigms for nutrition and cancer research; greater utilization of genetics and molecular biology approaches; molecular targets influenced by dietary components; and how NCI can support the development of a new model for examining the role of dietary components in cancer prevention.
The group enthusiastically noted that:
(1) diet is a factor in determining cancer risks and in the biological behavior of tumors, (2) there is a need to invigorate nutrition research throughout the scientific enterprise of cancer, (3) nutrition research needs to move from descriptive to probing designs, (4) exciting opportunities exist for integrating cellular, molecular biology and genetics research to unravel complex issues in nutrition and cancer, (5) nutrition is integral to the NCI Extraordinary Opportunities for Investment, and (6) that identifiable targets for drug therapy are likely targets for nutritional intervention.

Next Steps

Develop concept for "Glue Grants" to promote integrative and collaborative research approaches in cellular and molecular biology and genetics to resolve complex issues in nutrition and cancer prevention.

  • Submit concept to the DCP Coordinating Unit on April 11
  • Submit to NCI Executive Committee in May 2000
  • Submit concept to June 2000 BSA

Hold workshops during summer 2000 to identify components and organization for a Nutrition and Cancer Research Network and for credentialing targets for dietary bioactive components.

  • Develop concept for a Nutrition and Cancer Research Network that integrates nutrition into the NCI extraordinary opportunities for genes and the environment, cell signatures, and molecular targets.
  • Goal is to submit concept to the fall 2000 BSA.

Point of Contact

For additional information or questions about this event, please contact the DCP Webmaster.

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