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Trans-NIH Angiogenesis Workshop; May 20-21, 2013
  • Speaker Biosketches

    Portrait of Michael Simons, MD

    Michael Simons, MD
    (Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut)

    Michael Simons, MD is a Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology at Yale where he serves as a Director of Yale Cardiovascular Research Center and a Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BS 1980) and Yale University School of Medicine (MD '84). He completed his clinical training in internal medicine at the New England Medical Center and cardiology training at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. During his training in molecular cardiology at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda and postdoctoral training in vascular biology at MIT he acquired expertise in endothelial and smooth cell biology and angiogenic growth factor signaling.

    Dr Simons' research focuses on biology of arterial vasculature and spans basic, translational and clinical areas of investigations. His groundbreaking studies included the first report of antisense modulation of gene expression in vivo, the discovery of a selective regulatory pathway controlling arterial and lymphatic specification and fate determination, elucidation of key role of FGF signaling in the maintenance of vascular integrity. He led the first clinical trials of therapeutic angiogenesis in the USA and the world and his basic research discoveries provided a sound theoretical foundation for the design of effective clinical trials of therapeutic arteriogenesis.

    Professor Simons has been elected to a number of honorary societies including Association of American Physicians, American Society of Clinical Investigations and Association of University Cardiologists. He is also a Fellow of the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and the American Society of Physiology. Other honors include Alfred A. Richman Research Award of the American College of Chest Physicians; Clinician-Scientist and Established Investigator Awards of The American Heart Association; AHA NorthEast Research Award; Honorary Citations and Awards from Japanese Circulation Society, India Cardiovascular Society and an Honorary Fellowship from University College London among others.

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Workshop Organizer: NIH

NCI:Nancy Emenaker, PhD, RD
Suzanne Forry-Schaudies, PhD
NHLBI: Yunling Gao, MD, PhD
NIDDK: Teresa Jones, MD

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